Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tips on Choosing the Right Point of Sale System for Restaurants

At lunch hour or in the evening, you can find most of the restaurants buzzing with people. Some of them checking-in the restaurant and making reservations, some scanning the menu card, others making the order and some of them making payment at the payment counter. All these activities can be time consuming and lead to confusion in the absence of a point of sale system.

With the help of a POS system, the problems faced by restaurants can be sorted out. It enables the restaurateur or the manager to track sales by various categories, allows the chef to plan meals and do helpful cost analysis to figure out more profitable ways of operation. When you plan to buy a point of sale system for your restaurant, it is important to choose the one which has all the ingredients that are necessary for smooth business operation.

1. Buy the system that suits your business needs- POS suppliers try to sell a system with too many features stocked in one. However, POS systems have different features for different businesses. Be clear with your requirements and just get a base system that can simplify your most fundamental business operations and then add on more features if need be.

2. Should be simple-to-use- A supplier may sell a POS system claiming it to be a super machine, but you have to be wise enough to choose a system that is functional and easy-to-operate. Before you buy the system, ask your supplier for a demo so that you know how it works and how you can make changes to it in the future without calling for support.

3. Invest in training your staff- A good point of sale system simplifies the work of your restaurant manager, the waiters and waitresses, the chefs and other assisting staff members. However, to achieve its full potential, it is important to train your employees on operating it.

4. Avoid experimentation and opt for proven performance- The market offers numerous features for a restaurant POS, but you must choose only the ones that have been tried and tested and have shown desirable results.

5. Should be flexible- A point of sale system should be flexible because businesses tend to expand, and in order to suit new business demands, flexibility is of utmost importance.

6. Consider the price- The price of the point of sale system must be considered before buying it. You must buy a reliable system that can perform all the tasks required at a good price.


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